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Ladies shoes from Orca Bay: deck shoes, pumps, driving shoes, loafers, machine washable leather pump deck shoes, pink deck shoes, blue deck shoes, ladies deck shoes, ladies driving shoes, ladies loafers, ladies suede loafers, country boots. Styles include Creek, Oakland, Sandusky, Genoa, Richmond, Yarrawonga, Bay and Sorrento, Mull and Orkney.

Colourful knitwear from Palace London: lace trimmed knitwear, ballet, lace trim cardigans, camisole vest tops, v-neck t-shirts, twin-sets, pink cardigans, blue cardigans, purple cardigans, green cardigans, red cardigans

For the guys: Orca Bay deck shoes, walking shoes, loafers and country boots. Styles include Augusta, Creek, Oakland, Fripp, Monza, Squamish, Buffalo, Malvern, Venice, Sitka, Cordova, Houston, Mull and Orkney.

Holebrook Sweden is a range of quality cotton knitwear, made in Sweden. These tops all have a windproof lining. Although most of these tops have been designed for men, the smaller sizes have also proved popular for women. 

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